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Interview with Hampton Euro 830 Designer

Meet JC Espinosa, the designer for Hampton Euro 830

Feb 1st, 2019 | Fort Lauderdale, Florida


How did you get involved in the Hampton Euro 830 project?

I have had a long lasting relationship with Hampton Yachts throughout the years. When it came to design anew flagship for the company, they asked me to comeup with a design that would incorporate new ideas and look to the future.

What are your favorite features of the Hampton Euro?

I would have to say that the exterior styling of this 830 model is very modern. The idea from the very beginning was to open the vistas to the sea from within the yacht. We created large windows port and starboard and a large inclined skylight in lieu of a windshield to admit as much natural light as possible in the main deck. We also created large portlights on the hull sides to admit natural light into the lower deck staterooms.

When you opened Espinosa Inc in 1990 what was your first project?

I was first exposed to the field of yacht design while employed by a Chicago firm commissioned to design what would be, in 1985, the largest aluminum mega-yacht in the United States. My first commission was to design a yacht for Jim Moran, of “Gallant Lady” fame.

Does your Latin culture influence your designs?

I would say that my training as an architect has helped me tremendously in my career in yacht design, as I always keep an eye on proportion, scale and harmony between components. My Latin heritage helps me understand colors, shapes and to establish a good relationship with my clients.

If you could give advice to an aspiring young designer what would that message be?

Never give up! And always keep in mind that you are being hired by a client to produce your best efforts on his or her behalf.

Hampton Euro 830

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