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Retired Models

Endurance 686

Still one of our most popular Endurance long range cruisers, the Endurance 686 has been upgraded and rebranded as the Endurance 680 Skylounge. 

Endurance 648

The Endurance 648's design has been recently upgraded to a more spacious 65 foot LOA with a 19'2" beam, now available in the Endurance 658. 

Hampton 580

The Hampton 580's design has been updated to our new Hampton 590, which personifies the Hampton tradition of seamlessly blending power, sea worthiness and luxury. 

Hampton 620

The retired Hampton 620 continues its versatile layout and efficient design with added upgrades in the new Hampton 650. 

Hampton 560

The Hampton 560 sedan has been retired in favor of our Hampton 590, which offers the same trademark Hampton characteristics in an under 60 foot hull with a remarkable 17'8" beam. 

Build Your Own

We pride ourselves on the high level of customization available on Hampton Yachts. Our boats are built in our own factories with our own craftsmen and we are able to customize any aspect of a new yacht; from layout down to the finishes.